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Avat Shekoofa

Asst. Professor, Crop Physiologist-Water Stress and Irrigation

Department of Plant Science

West TN Research and Education Center

605 Airways Blvd

Jackson, TN 38301

Phone: (731) 425-4704

Fax: (731) 425-4720



Dr. Shekoofa's Ph.D research was focused on kernel development of maize as affected by source/sink ratio. (Her dissertation was written and presented in English.) She was a visiting scientist at Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina from 2009-2010. She conducted postdoc research at North Carolina State University (NCSU) on water stress in turfgrass and crop species. Particular emphasis was given to identifying genetic traits that impart drought tolerance. Dr. Shekoofa's current research in the Department of Plant Sciences centers on developing an active and nationally recognized program in crop physiology with a focus on plant water saving potential. Her true passion in research lies in discovering more about the action of the environment on plant water movement, leaves stomata conductance, transpiration response, plant resistance, and resilience to environmental changes such as water and/or heat stress.