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Soybean Rust Homepage

Approved Fungicides for Soybean Rust (2008)

Background, Response and Potential Impact

Frequently Asked Questions

Photographs and General Information (PDF slide presentation)

Fungicide Guidelines (Developed for Kentucky)

Status of Fungicides Approved for Use on Soybean Rust (EPA)

Soybean Rust Spore Images (Seminole County, GA, PDF slide presentation)

Rust Look-Alike (image of Septoria Brown Spot)

Links to Related Sites

Soybean Rust Compendium

IPM-PIPE Soybean Rust National Monitoring Site

Soybean Rust Information from APS

Economic and Policy Implications of Wind-born Entry of Asian Soybean Rust into the United States (USDA Economic Research Service, PDF file)

National Pest Alert - Soybean Rust  (USDA ARS, PDF file)

Soybean Rust Disease Forecast Center