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Links to Other Information about Soybean Insects

Mississippi State University: Soybean Insect Management

University of Arkansas:  Insect Pest Management in Soybean

Clemson University: Soybean Insect Photographs

Louisiana State University: Soybean Insect Management Publications

INHS Center for Econ. Entomol.: Western Corn Rootworm in Corn & Soybean

University of Illinois:  Soybean Insect Research Information Center, Soybean aphid slide shows

North Central Soybean Res. Program, Plant Health Initiative: Soybean Aphids

North Carolina Extension:
     Insect Pests of Soybean (AG271)
     Scouting for Insects
     Soybean Insect Pests (Color Photos)
     Soybean Pest Management

Iowa State University:
    Bean Leaf Beetles Damage Soybean Pods (1998)
    Bean Leaf Beetles Damage Soybean Pods (1997)
    Grasshoppers Get the Jump on Soybeans (1996)
    Grasshoppers Jump on Soybeans (1997)
    Green Cloverworms: A Soybean Surprise
    Imported Longhorned Weevils in Soybean
    Two-Spotted Spider Mite on Soybean

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension:
    The Bean Leaf Beetle in Soybeans
    Spider Mite Management in Corn and Soybeans

Ohio State University Extension:
    Soybean Insect Defoliation Assessment
    Soybean Pest Management