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Wheat Diseases and Insects

PhotoGallery (Photographs of common wheat insects and diseases)

Disease Management

Wheat Disease Identification - symptom descriptions and images (PDF, 04/2014)
Wheat Fungicide Table - NCERA 184 (PDF Publication, 04/2015)
Common Fungal Wheat Diseases - more info and images (PDF, 04/2013)
Fusarium Head Blight (Scab) Disease Information (website - also has RISK MAP TOOL to use prior to flowering)
Wheat Disease Control and Foliar Fungicide Point System (PDF Publication, 04/2015)
Identifying Rust Diseases in Wheat and Barley (PDF Publication, 03/2010)

Insect Management

Insect Control Recommendations for Field Crops (PB1768)
Biology and Management of The Hessian Fly in the Southeast (ANR-1069)
The Cereal Leaf Beetle in Tennessee (SP341R)
Management of Aphids and Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus in Tennessee Wheat (W 389)
Biological Control (of Insect Pests in Field Crops)