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Tennessee ranks 17th in corn acreage in the United States.  In most years, more than 850,000 acres are grown for grain and silage.  About 85% of corn is grown in a no-till or conservation tillage system.  Most field corn is grown in a rotation with soybeans or cotton, and acreage fluctuates with commodity and fertilizer prices and weather at planting. Corn is grown across the state of Tennessee with largest producing counties in west and central Tennessee (production map). Most silage corn is grown near livestock producing areas in central and east Tennessee.  

Yields are heavily dependent on available moisture, and dry conditions in June can affect pollination and subsequently production for the year. In 2019, which was a good rainfall year, state average yield reached a record yield of 177 bu/A. Only about 10% of acres are irrigated and producers rely on field selection, early planting and stress tolerance of hybrids to produce good yields. The majority of acres are planted with early (RM <114 days) or medium (RM 114-116 days) maturity hybrids.