1. Reduce N rate by 60 to 80 pounds per acre following a well-established single-species winter cover crop of crimson clover or hairy vetch that has reached early bloom stage.
  2. The sulfate form of potash should be used to improve curing and quality.
  3. Apply 50-75 pounds of 4-16-4 per 9 feet x 100 feet of bed.
  4. When boron tests less than 0.8 lbs/acre apply 1.0 lb of boron per acre annually. Follow up with another soil test in two years . (Note 4 is used only when the boron test indicates a need for boron.).
  5. (Note 5 is used only when the magnesium test indicates a need for ) Apply 20 pounds of magnesium per acre using magnesium sulfate or potassium-magnesium sulfate. If lime is needed, dolomitic limestone is recommended as the magnesium source since it can be used to correct both low magnesium and soil acidity.