1. Apply an additional 30 pounds of nitrogen per acre as a sidedressing when first fruits are one inch in diameter and continue at 4-week intervals during picking.
  2. If tomatoes are being grown on plastic with fertigation, apply all of the recommended phosphate and 1/2 of the recommended nitrogen and potash prior to installing the plastic. Apply the remaining recommended levels of nitrogen and potash in weekly intervals over the remainder of the growing season (8-12 weeks).                                                                                                                                   Use Notes 3 and 4 only as indicated in the note.
  3. [Note 3 is used only when the calcium test indicates a need for calcium]. Apply 500 pounds calcium sulfate (gypsum) per acre when the water pH is 6.1 or above. If the water pH is less than 6.1 apply lime as recommended and omit the calcium sulfate.
  4. [Note 4 is used only when the magnesium test indicates a need for magnesium]. Apply 20 pounds of magnesium per acre using magnesium sulfate or potassium magnesium sulfate. If lime is needed, dolomitic limestone is recommended as the magnesium source since it can be used to correct both low magnesium and soil acidity.