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Wheat Variety Trial Results

The University of Tennesse Wheat Variety Testing Program provides an unbiased evaluation of varieties available for commercial production in Tennessee. Trials are conducted in every physiographic region of the state. The program consists of two major components: The Official Variety Trials, referred to as OVTs, and the County Standard Trials, referred to as CSTs. The OVTs are small plot, replicated variety trials typically located on Research and Education Centers and are composed of major cultivars and experimental strains.  Information reported from the OVT trials includes yield, moisture, test weight, maturity, height, lodging, protein, and sencor injury rating. The CSTs are large plot variety trials located throughout TN and are only composed of major commercial cultivars.  Information reported from the CST trials includes yield, moisture and test weight. This program is intended to help wheat producers identify varieties that are high yielding, relatively stable in yield performance across years, and produce high quality grain; therein, included information should provide those in the seed industry, crop consultants, and the UT Extension service insight into varietal adaptation of all tested varieties to Tennessee field environments.

Current UT Wheat Variety Testing Program Releases: